May 15, 2009

So whats Balti , Do-piaza, Madras, Korma ?

Indian cuisine  has its own  different ways and methods of cooking that is taken from the mughal  and Traditional  Hindu  cultures. Do –piaza ,korma , Balti are all different methods off cooking that has its own distinctive way  of cooking  Indian food.



Balti is the name of the cooking pot and serving dish. A decent wok is a good substitute. My balti has red and green sweet (bell) peppers in it and looks very colourful. Tastes pretty yummy too. If you have individual balti pots, heat them up and serve the sizzling curry in them. Use nan bread to scoop out the curry from the balti.


I love the combination of the chicken, the earthy lentils and the rich spicy sauce in this Dhansak. The basic recipe is medium hot but you can add whole dried chillies if you want a hot curry.


I always try the Do-Piaza when I go to a restaurant for the first time to see what their ordinary curries are like. Do-Piaza means "double onions" and that's what you get. Firstly puréed in the sauce then in largish pieces in the curry. Medium hot.


The korma is a mild creamy curry. I have had a fair amount of feedback on my korma recipe from visitors to The Curry House and, as a result, the original korma recipe went through a number of revisions. You can now find my definitive version in The Curry House Cookery Book.


This is a hot, simple curry. Watch out for the whole dried chillies though - they heat up the dish slowly so don't adjust the chilli level too soon


This could be described as a "Royal" dish. It is spicy, but not hot, rich and creamy. The addition of the nuts makes it rather special



The vindaloo is a very hot curry often containing potatoes. It has inspired a football song "Vindaloo" (naturally!) and appeared in many guises in television programmes - "We've created the mutton vindaloo beast.


A stir fried curry containing plenty of whole green chillies. It is, therefore, very fresh tasting and hot.


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Indian food uses spices and herbs that not just give it its distinctive taste and flavor but are also great for your health. Turmeric has been linked to cancer-prevention, ginger for coughs and colds and so on... Spices supply calcium, iron, vitamin B/C, carotene and other antioxidants.

So enjoy Indian food while the ingredients help your system!
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