Aug 3, 2009

Goda Masala or kala masala

गोडा मसाला - Goda Masala - Kala Masala

This masala is mixture of different Indian spices and is basically a Marathi Indian spice powder that packs a punch.

goda masala
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In my opinion nothing says Maharashtrian cuisine as does the Goda Masala, a spice blend so unique and complex that it cannot be replaced with any other combination of spices

In Bombay many kinds of goda masalas can be found with kala (black) and the vital ingredient – khobra (coconut) – that would make them authentic Goda Masala , but it is very hard ti find an authentic one.

Goda Masala Recipe

500gms (8 C) coriander seeds
125gms (1C) cumin seeds
125gms (3 C) grated dried coconut
125gms (1C) sesame seeds
30gms (1/4 C) shah jeera
30gms (1/5 C) cloves
30gms (1/3 C) black cardamom
30gms (about 20) tejpatta
30gms (3/4 C) dagad phool

Using very little oil in a heavy skillet or pan, on medium heat, roast all spices separately till well browned. Grind individually. Mix till well combined. Pack pressing into glass jars, covering with a thin layer of salt on top (only if made in large quantities that need to be stored longer).

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madteaparty said...

Please link the photo too back to its homepage on my blog or Flickr account! Thanks.

August 3, 2009 at 4:43 AM
varsha said...


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