Apr 2, 2017

India’s Top 7 chefs and Food Writers & Recipe Cook Books

The land of spics and curry  have many proficient Indian chefs making the best in currys  and Exotic Indian dishes from the north to the south of India. There are many popular acclaimed food critics  that write  reviews for the Indian food industry. Below are some of the more popular and well know names in the food industry in India and some reviews of the curry recipe Cookbooks.

Top Popular Indian Chef’s and Food critics

Tarla Dalal

She is India’s best - selling cookery author since over 2 decades. She has written a total of 100 titles, several of which have been translated in various languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and even Dutch and Russian. To her credit she has about 17 recipe cookbooks and about 4 million copies sold till date.
Indian top chefs and food critics
Her cookery show "Cook it Up with Tarla Dalal" is aired weekly on Sony Entertainment Television in INDIA. The show broadcast all over South East Asia, India, the Gulf, UK and even the US.
Tarla Dalal Cook Books:
1. “The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking "
2. The complete Gujarati Cook Book

Sanjeev Kapoor
Sanjeev Kapoor probably needs little introduction being the most celebrated face of Indian cuisine today. He is chef , TV show host, author of best selling cookbooks, restaurant consultant and winner of several culinary awards. Sanjeev Kapoor is one of India's most popular chefs and author.
sanjeev kapoor top chef india
Sanjeev kapoor Curry recipe cook books:
1.Khana Khazana:Celebration Of Indian Cookery
2.Khazana Of Healthy Tasty Recipes
A lot of painstaking research has gone into collecting these Indian curry recipes for his book “Khana Khazana: Celebration of Indian Cookery"”

Atul Kochhar:
 He is an Indian born British chef. He is a celebrity chef not only in India but in Britain as well. He is the first Indian chef who is awarded Michelin Star. Today Atul Kochhar is a renowned hotelier known all across the world. Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar creates great recipes, from fish curry to potato cakes, simple enough to cook at home.
In 2001, Kochhar's modern Indian cooking won the restaurant a Michelin star and made a name for the precocious 32-year-old chef.
You can find Atul kochar on his website @ http://www.atulkochhar.com/

Atul Kochar Ebook & Cookbooks
1. Simple Indian: the Fresh Tastes of India's New Cuisine
2. Indian Essence: The Fresh Tastes of India's New Cuisine

Madhur Jaffrey

Madhur Jaffrey (born August 13, 1933) is an Indian actor, who has also found fame as a food writer. She was born in Delhi, India, educated at Miranda House (Delhi) and in England. She is based in New York City. Originally Madhur Bahadur, she obtained her stage name when she married Indian actor Saeed Jaffrey, though they divorced in 1965.
madhur jaffrey curry chef Top
It all started when she moved to London at the age of 19 and then she started cooking by herself the recipes referred by her Mom.
Madhur Jaffrey Cook books
1. Madhur Jaffrey Indian Cooking
2. At Home with Madhur Jaffrey: Simple, Delectable Dishes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka
3. Madhur Jaffrey's Quick & Easy Indian Cooking

Jiggs Kalra

Jiggs Kalra is a pioneering food columnist and cookery writer, anchor of two popular television programmes, Gastronome and Food Consultant. He is the Chairman & Managing Director of Bawarchi Tolla India's premier Hotel and Restaurant Consulting Company.
Top indian chefs
He has written Indian recipe books like
Listed Jiggs kalra books for sale on amazon :
1.Prashad-Cooking with Indian Masters

Hari Nayak & Vikas Khanna:
Hari Nayak is an Indian chef and restaurateur born on 8th February 1974 in Udupi, India. Vikas Khanna is also a chef and restaurateur born on 14th November 1971 in Amritsar, India.
They both are renowned book writers and authors who have written lots of cook books. They are the founders of “Cooking For Life”. Cooking for life is a tasting even organized all across the world where top chefs from all parts of the globe gather to raise funds for different relief projects carried in different parts of world.
Cookbooks from Hari Nayak And Vikas Khanna
1.Modern Indian Cooking
3.The Spice Story of India

India Curry Recipes Ebook - (Special Introductry offer Only $8):

iCR Book frontpageMost of the recipes included in the Ebook Below have been tried and tested by our resident chefs who also  are contributors to the blog and also some from our website readers. The eBook Contains Meat  and non-meat recipes, Seafood recipes as well as Vegetarian recipes and Sweet or desert recipes  to provide you a wide selection of indian food flavors

Our Curry Recipes Ebook
The recipes contributed in this book are from our resident chefs  who have worked in the Food industry and also normal people like you  who have a passion for home made cooking.
Get the “Ebook now”

Laxmi's Authentic Indian Home Cooking 700 Recipes

With Laxmi's eBook you will cook with recipes that is Genuinely Indian. It is the food that we Indians make in our homes not the food that we eat in 5 Star Restaurants. Laxmi will show you the art of making Indian curry that is Healthy, delicious & tasty.

Book Content includes

Part 1: Vegetarian Recipes
You will find all the best of India's vegetarian dishes here. Best of
South Indian dishes including different types of dosas, idlis, sambaar etc. Some of the best of Gujarati, Rajasthani and other well known vegetarian dishes, hundreds of them in fact.

Part 2: Regional Indian Recipes
Various regional states such as Kerala, Goa, Andhra, Bengali, Punjab and other state vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes.

Part 3: Non Vegetarian Recipes
All the best of Mughlai, Lamb and Chicken Curry and sea foods. Hundreds of them for you to experiment. Get Laxmi's Cookbook Here.

Indian cuisine is well known all across the world for the amount of spices used in cooking which is much more than any other cooking style. Each Indian state has its own specialty and delicious regional food different from any other state.

The Indian Recipe Book: Over 200 Deliciously Authentic DishesThe Everything Indian Cookbook: 300 Tantalizing Recipes--From Sizzling Tandoori Chicken to Fiery Lamb Vindaloo (Everything: Cooking)From Mom With Love . . .: A Complete Guide to Indian Cooking and EntertainingFrom Curries to Kebabs: Recipes from the Indian Spice Trail

A list of some other well known Indian chefs who run or work/ Manage   successful Eating places in india and abroad

1. Hemant Oberoi, Masala Kraft & Zodiac Grill, Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Mumbai
2. Ananda Solomon, Konkan Cafe, Taj President, Mumbai
3. Imtiaz Qureshi, Dum Pukht ITC Sheraton Maurya Delhi
4. Arvind Saraswat, Taj Group. Oversees Taj Delhi & Taj Bengal in Kolkata.
5. Naren Thimmaiah, Karavalli, Taj Gateway Bangalore
6. Satish Arora, was the youngest chef for Taj Bombay back in 1973 (he was 26 then!). Now Director of Food Production for Taj SATS.
7. Rahul Akerkar, Indigo (Continental), Mumbai - heard that Bill Clinton's dined here as well.
8. Ritu Dalmia, Diva (Italian), Delhi
This list is not a be all and end all of great indian chefs list, If you think we have missed any great Indian chefs, send us a comment or message on our blog and we will endeavor to review it and include it in our list
Complete Book of Indian Cooking: 350 Recipes from the Regions of IndiaThe Indian Vegan Kitchen: More Than 150 Quick and Healthy Homestyle Recipes5 Spices, 50 Dishes: Simple Indian Recipes Using Five Common Spices


Jon said...

Great job guys. Glad to know you're putting the food knowledge to good use. My fave Indian cookbook is Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cooking - I remember Sherry haggling with the book vendor for us on the streets in Mumbai. I think its the best introduction to Indian regional cooking. And she has a good storytelling style.

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