Dec 15, 2011

Cooking Indian tandoori chicken in your oven

Well I'm not going to give you  a recipe  for making “tandoori chicken pizza” or then  “Tandoori chicken sauce”  because once you know “how to prepare tandoori chicken” itself ,  you should be able to prepare the tandoori chicken pizza and  sauce.
chicken Tandoori  recipe
I recently prepared  the tandoori chicken once more  to brush up on my tandoori chicken making skills , and  it came up  even more succulent and delicious  with a nice solid flava punch. The secret  off course lies in my original tandoori chicken recipe  , but this time  to add that punch i put in a  two extra pods of garlic and little bit more of the spice powders mentioned in the original recipe.
Here  are some pics i took  ( above,below) after i added all the  spice powders ,  and then after  i added the yogurt  to wet marinate it overnight
marinated chicken tandoori recipe
There is now way to make a “quick tandoori chicken”  the best tandoori chicken is prepared with patience  and passion for food  just like Gordon Ramsays roast turkey recipe
Enjoy – The original tandoori chicken recipe is—>  here

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