Jul 28, 2012

The history of Indian Rajathani Recipes

As continued from a very long time ago  from the time of kings, Rajasthani cuisine has a wide range of non vegetarian ( meat ) dishes which utilizes meat of basically large animals.

Rajasthani Recipes – History of kings , Ingredients and the meat and hunting Culture

In the days of the kings when they used to hunt large animals and bring back for the chefs to cook, it was a daunting tasks for the cooks to think of recipes which required minimum use of water, could be stored for long period of time without requiring re-heating and did not use great quantities of vegetables.

sam-sand-dunes_rajasthan_india small

As nothing could be grown in the barren desert lands of Rajasthan with the the hot and stormy sand-dunes. In those times, most of all the pre-requisite was to have food with high nutritional value. One that could provide sufficient aliment to bear not just the hardships imposed by the vast stretches of deserts but also be suitable for the war-like lifestyles of the people.

The Rajasthani vegetarian cuisine is also quite appetising without the use of meat and creatively utilizes a large variety of green veggies, pulses, beans  which is quite often cooked in pure desi ghee. The cuisine of Rajasthan offers a large variety of desert cuisines which is all sugar dipped and delicious and often had as a snack or after dinner.

Some of the popular Rajasthani dishes are snack recipes like dal baati, churma and missi roti  for which they also use dry fruits and spices.


The Cuisine of Rajasthan

Some of the Rajasthani cuisine  and name of dishes are dal baati, tarfini, rabri, bail gatte, panchkoota, chaavadi, laapsi, boondi sukhri, guwar falI ki saag, guwar ki sabzi, gajar ki sabzi, aloo matar ki sabzi, besan gatte ki sabzi, dal chawal kutt,lauki ke kofte, aloo bharta, chana dal paratha, ghevar, gatte ka pulao, chane Jaisalmer ke, jaipur ki gajak, jaipuria mewa pulao, lehsun ki chutney, kesar murg, laal maas, missi roti, kesari bhaat, khasta poori, machi ke sooley, makki paneer pakoda, Marwari gatta kadhi, moong dal halwa, shahi gatte, Rajasthan bhindi, saak ke papad, papad sabzi and many more.

These are only few of the mouth watering Rajasthan dishes which are quite famous in Rajasthan Area as well as other Indian regions. It is matter worthy of appreciation that when even surviving in the rough terrains of Rajasthan is difficult, people here have devised innovative recipes (and a whole lot of them)  that is emulated by all in India and the cuisine is very popular all-over India. The Ingredients in these Rajasthan  recipes have been carefully selected, more out of hard geographical compulsion than out of a like for the taste, yet manages to give a unique and delicious flavour.


The “Rajathani Thali”

Rajasthani cuisine have great aroma and flourishes in all kinds of vegetarian, non vegetarian and sweet dishes.  . One of the quintessential dishes of Rajasthani food is the Rajasthani Thali which is a perfect combination of all major Rajasthani delicacies and sweets.

We posted our first Rajathani recipe of Ghevar ( indian Jalebi) and we will continue to post other Indian Rajasthan recipes as part of our “The Great Rajathan Recipe collection - India Curry Recipes” special for the next few coming weeks. – jeff

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