Apr 18, 2013

Naanis authentic beef liver jalfrezi

Below is naani’s traditional “beefliver jalfrezi recipe”.
Nannie (Grandmother) tells me that  the original jaalfrezi is supposed to be nice and hot dry curry with a generous sprinkling of  chillies  and made to have a bit of sting and that why its called Jaal ( burn) frezi ( fry).
beef liver fry recipe indian delicious

Nannies traditional Beef Liver Jalfrezi  recipe

I checked out the meaning online and it says "Jalfrezi” is not a traditional Indian dish ,bumore like a method of cooking which involves bhuna masala. It literally means 'hot-fry' but is probably better translated as 'stir-fry'", but i am happy with naani's ORIGINAL Interpretation of  the term jalfrezi which involves bhuna masala mainly and chillies according to her.
Jalfrezi is also known as  jhal frezi, zalfrezi, and many alternative spellings and it can be made with Chicken, meat or even vegetables which can then be called "chicken jalfrezi"  "Lamb Jalfrezi" or "Vegetable jalfrezi"

Ingredients for Liver jalfezi

500 grams liver
3 or 4 pods Garlic
2 Onions diced
2 whole dry kashmiri chillies
1 Chopped tomato
1 Green chilli chopped
1 small piece of ginger crushed or finely chopped
2 full teaspoons Jeera (cummin) powder /or Cummin seeds
1 full teaspoon black pepper powder or ground pepper

How to make Beef Liver fry ( beef liver jalfrezi)

Lightly dry roast (bhuna masala) the crushed pepper and Cumin seeds on a pan  and keep aside for later
1. Add 2 teaspoon oil to pan an let it get a bit hot
2. Add the 2 crushed whole kashmiri chilli  and the  diced onions and crushed garlic and green chilli and sauté until onions get golden brown
3.Add the diced beef liver  pieces to the  dish  and diced tomatoes and mix up well and let it cook for 5 minutes
4 Add  or sprinkle the (bhuna masala) masala roasted earlier and let it cook for another 10 mins until liver is cooked and changes colour

Beef liver fry is ready to serve with  either Roti , bread  or then rice.
South indian Beef liver fry
Naani is if from north india , so this is a “north Indian recipe” , but with a small twist of  adding a handful of  curry leaves while roasting  the onions , you can make this  recipe have a distinctive south Indian flavor. Come back later for naanis awesome “lamb do pyaaza recipe” , which i really enjoyed much more than the “mutton do pyaaza”

You can also check out out our other beef  fry recipe  and Beef pepper fry
what is Bhuna masala?
Bhuna masala = Roast Spices
Roasted spices can give a  entirely different flavour to a curry or Indian dish as compared to  the spices fried with  the other ingredients in oil as is normally done and also convenient. How ever some some dishes it is recommended to  use only roasted spices specifically to get that authentic flavour you want. 


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Indian food uses spices and herbs that not just give it its distinctive taste and flavor but are also great for your health. Turmeric has been linked to cancer-prevention, ginger for coughs and colds and so on... Spices supply calcium, iron, vitamin B/C, carotene and other antioxidants.

So enjoy Indian food while the ingredients help your system!
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